Consultancy Profile

The Consultancy for Waste Management, Prof. R. Stegmann und Partner (IFAS) offers advice and expertises as well as project management, plant- and operation-optimization in the entire field of solid waste, contaminated sites and waste air. A special area is the remediation and aftercare of landfills in order to achieve rapid stabilization:

Due to the long term international scientific and technical experiences and activities from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stegmann and his partners in the field of waste management and contaminated sites a high level of competence has been built up. This can be documented on a large number of publications, completed research projects, expertises and self organized conferences and workshops.

The Consultancy for Waste Management is part of a national and international network of consultancies for environmental technology. Due to the interdisciplinary cooperation within this network the specific partners can offer a broad spectrum of services in the field of environmental technology and especially solid waste management at a high professional level.