Equipment and measures

Our technical equipment and measuring instruments for landfill gas and exhaust gas measurements:

on site*:

  • portable measuring instrument ( for main exhaust gas components: CH4, CO2, O2, H2S)
  • flame Ionization Detector FID for surface inspection and detecting uncontrolled gas emissions (volatile organic compounds VOCs)
  • anemometer for determination of gas flow and exhaust flow velocity
  • pressure gauge 0 - 10 mbar and 0 - 100 mbar
  • temperature gauge
  • monitoring car : compressor and measuring section, condensate seperator, exhaust volume 30 - 300 m³/h, waste gas treatment through activated carbon filter
  • gas-exhaustion-pumps, sampling-vessels (gas manifold, adsoption tubule)
  • sound level gauge
  • GPS - measuring system


at the lab*:

  • LD gas chromatography for determination of the main gas components
  • EC/FID gas chromatography for determination of gas trace elements
  • computerised simulation of landfill gas balance



  • water analyses
    • leachate
    • waste water
    • ground water
    • surface water
  • solid matter analyses
  • analyses of the biological activity of solid matter samples under aerobic or anaerobic milieu conditions


Further equipment can provided near-term.

*: technical equipment and measuring instruments are partly available through cooperation partners